Violent in Black drop new vid for “Cocaine Road Trip”

The Holidays are here! And while you are busy shopping for that perfect gift for mom and dad, the fellas in Violent in Black have dropped a new music video for “Cocaine Road Trip” that you’ll probably be singing during the Holiday gatherings and probably everywhere else.

Trust me, I can speak from experience.

The video starts with the band dealing with a broken down car, and coming across a shady character offering them coke in a bottle. The boys drink the tongue in cheek beverage and of course hilarity ad adventures ensue.

You can watch the video below, and while the video does pull a bit wild in some moments, it is a great escape from the stressors in the current climate, which is what music SHOULD be about. Added bonus for making everyone look forward to next summer’s shenanigans as winter looms on our doorstep.

Just don’t drink random coke from strangers kids.

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